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Notes from Zeke

We're back! Uh... kinda anyways :)

Pardon the mess -- we're upgrading to the current version of the framework that we've used for years. Unfortunately a lot of the automagic migration scripty-thingies require upgrading to lots of intermediate versions of the framework -- and of course those intermediate versions are no longer available. So, we're having to manually migrate everything like the user database, forums, etc... It's a slow process, so please bear with us. Keep checking back!

oh... and we reserve the right to royally hosebang the whole thing up at any time without notice in the next few days as we try and get things put back. :)

Implementation Status

User databaseImported.Users that had previously posted in the forums were marked approved. All other user IDs, including new user creations, will require administrative approval.
New User LogonsEnabled with administrative approval required<---------------- This is still really quite important
Farktography Control RecodeRecode not yet startedReader's Digest version: the whole module will need a complete overhaul. Send beer.
Farktography Control ImplementationImplementation not yet started
Photo GalleryQuestionableMight not do this for a while

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